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Strategies for BBYO Connect

The Element

A BBYO Connect program is growing and preparing teens for future involvement in AZA and BBG.

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Elevate the profile of Teen Connection amongst regional and chapter leaders by promoting it as a key to the growth of AZA and BBG.

Assign Teen Connection participants to chapters for follow-up before their AZA/BBG eligibility begins.

Create an AZA/BBG committee or leadership team to support your Teen Connection program.

Map out one program a month for Teen Connection. Include a high impact program at the beginning of the school year. Create a major "AZA/BBG Invite" program in January, with a special invitation to 8th Grade Teen Connection participants.

Create a bi-monthly message to 8th grade parents from you, an advisor (so parents can begin to develop a comfort level with this group), and a parent of a regularly involved teen.