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Elements of a Successful Region

The following are qualities that successful regions possess. Click on each "Element of Success" to find strategies to accomplish the objectives of each element, as well as resources to help implement each strategy.

  1. Chapters meet regularly and are led by well-trained teen leaders in activities that address the respective program folds. (Chapters)
  2. A Teen Connection program is growing and preparing teens for future involvement in AZA and BBG. (Teen Connection)
  3. "WOW" programs have a community-wide impact. (WOW Programs)
  4. Regional Board participation is a leadership development experience, where teen leaders offer real value to the region. (Regional Board)
  5. Community's teens participate in summer programs. (Summer Programs)
  6. Weekend conventions and programs support, rather than dominate, the BBYO calendar. (Weekend Events)
  7. Each chapter has a strong advisor who is a strong leader, enthusiastic about the experience, and desirous of contributing to the greater advisor community. (Advisors)
  8. Jewish content and social action permeate many aspects of regional and chapter activities. (Content Depth)
  9. Parents are enthusiastic about the skills and experience that BBYO provides their teens. (Parents)
  10. Community partners participate in content delivery, and community teen programming is integrated with the BBYO program menu. (Partnerships)
  11. Key stakeholders, FAN, Federation, and other community leaders are supportive of BBYO and aware of the value BBYO adds to the community. They are given opportunities to engage in the program. (Stakeholders)