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The Center for Innovation, Teamwork, and Excellence

The CITE: Where BBYO Attributes Its Success

Purposes Of The Site

The CITE has two main purposes:

  1. The CITE provides a clearly organized knowledge base, where BBYO collects and shares the best strategies from across the system and the resources used to implement them.
  2. The CITE makes the annual regional planning process easier. The plan template was designed to help you create a concise plan that focuses your priorities and allows you to think longer-term.

Use the strategies and resources available here to help craft your region's plan.

Strategy and Resource Center

Use the Strategy and Resource Center to explore your colleagues' best ideas and tools, and to share your own successful concepts.

Click the link to find the Elements of a Successful Region.

Attend NPO 2012 or want to know what took place? Click here.

Create Your Plan!

Click here to view regional plans for FY13.

Need help with the site? Want to share your successful strategies and resources?

Please contact Rachel Hillman at 202-507-7298 or by e-mail at